If you're a Realtor, seasoned or new associate, then
this program is designed especially for you:

Your Real Estate Mastery Business Coach, Michael Linardi,
invites you to join him and a small group of
your Benson and Mangold colleagues for a 6-month coaching
experience to reach new heights
in your Industry.

Welcome to The Real Estate Mastery Group!

I designed this program so you can get the information, motivation, coaching and accountability you want to help you tap into the strengths you possess so you can create focus, leverage your time, leverage your talent and find solutions to the daily business challenges.

You’ll see from what is included in this program that it is designed to deliver a high level of accountability, coaching and support so you make powerful decisions and take passionate action towards achieving your goals and your vision for success.

If you are selected for the program your commitment to showing up mentally and energetically are your keys to achieving what you want. So is asking for support, being open to new ways of thinking and being willing to be challenged out of your comfort zone and into being the LEADER in your business!


*** There are only a limited number of participants
accepted into this Real Estate Mastery Program ***

Why did I put this program
 together for you?

The last 5 years have been an extremely challenging time in the real estate industry. I’ve watched many agents leave the profession, others have picked up part time jobs to supplement their loss in income.

I’ve listened to so many agents who are struggling, frustrated, angry, and very negative about their work.

And what I’ve seen is that the agents who have succeeded through these turbulent times are those who have remained positive, have innovated, have surrounded themselves with appropriate support and continued to grow personally and professionally.

My goal was to create that positive, supportive environment and I’m 100% COMMITTED to partnering with you to create the life and the business that you want and deserve!

"Coaching with Michael has transformed my business.  Highly motivated to help others succeed, he challenged me to take my business to the next level, while finding balance in my work and home life. Thank You!"

-Peyton Logeman

“Mike has been a terrific help with the expansion of my business as well as the execution of personal and business goals. Mike's insight has been absolutely invaluable and I believe any business of any size would benefit greatly from his service. Mike has a huge scope of experience with real estate professionals. He has a keen understanding of our challenges with time management, goal setting, prioritizing, and focus. At any point in your career, Mike can help you get to the next level.”

                                                                                        -Chuck Mangold, Jr.

To Be Accepted Into The Real Estate Mastery Program:

  Please read this letter so you are clear as to HOW this powerful program will benefit you.

THEN  Simply complete the Real Estate Mastery Program Application and send back to Michael at Halcyon Coaching, PO Box 304, Easton, MD 21601 or scan and email to Michael@MichaelLinardi.com

Please Note: You MUST send your completed application to
 be considered for the program!

Mailing in your application does NOT commit you to the program!

Once I receive your application Ill contact you so we can have a personal conversation on the telephone where you can ask me questions and we can both make sure the program is a fit for you and me (after all, we're going to be spending the next nine months together, closely working on your business!).  You'll also hear about the payment options you can choose from (I'm sure one will fit your budget).

To finalize your acceptance into the program youll simply need to complete a brief Payment Enrollment form. Thats it!

*** There are ONLY a limited number of participants accepted into this
Real Estate Mastery Program ***

Of course, RESULTS are what you are investing in

You want to know that your business and life will change as a result of being in this group.
Heres a sampling of what we will cover:

Business Results:

Leveraging your time and managing the daily workflow. Working SMARTER not harder.

Creating a daily/weekly marketing plan to get clients

Identifying your strengths and using them daily

Building and maintaining your confidence

Learning solutions to better manage conflict/objections

Communicating effectively: enhancing your skills for success

Developing accountability structures to achieve your strategic vision

Creating higher income and surpassing your previous goals

Personal Results:

Working in a group with great synergy who support you and always encourage you to be your best

Learning to leap across the gap of where you are now and into the next level of your business and life

Becoming proactive and confident in daily decisions to eliminate
stress in your life

Taking full charge of your day

Developing a new appreciation for self-care

Identifying what makes you Powerful and Unique

Creating a seamless transition of work and home

"Mike, What Are Some of the Benefits Waiting For Me
When I Become Part of the Real Estate Mastery Group?"

  • Structure and support to breakthrough to the powerful place you hold for yourself in your life and your work 

  • A step-by -step plan to help you leverage your time and your opportunities

  • A high level of accountability to support YOU so that you make powerful decisions and take consistent, passionate action toward your goals. This intimate focus is priceless in terms of growing who YOU are and growing as a leader!

  • A motivating and truly extraordinary Peer community experience with colleagues, designed to inspire you and keep you accountable to your goals! 

  • Coaching to keep you thinking big and moving forward, including creating and achieving powerful, authentic goals that move you forward in your life and in your work.

  • Reaching your goals while maintaining a well -balanced life  
  • Building dynamic relationships with people who understand where you are and support your vision of success (the ability to rub shoulders with others who understand you is a rare and valuable benefit for us as business professionals!)

  • A powerful sense of your strengths (and how to get out of your own way when you doubt yourself)

  • Increased self-confidence, authority, leadership and decision making skills

  • Creative, fun, inspiring and motivating coaching to help you solve problems, stay on track and keep making progress towards your goals

  • A coach who cares about you and takes a stand for your brilliance no apologies guaranteed!

 The Real Estate Mastery Group is a
  6-month Commitment

Next Group Starts Soon...

Real Estate Mastery Program Application

If you still can't decide if this is the right choice for you,
let's take a look at what you will receive as a Real Estate Mastery Member


Business Retreat 

An in-person retreat in Easton, Maryland. Your retreat will be scheduled at the beginning of our 6 month program, for maximum impact.

This business retreat is the kick-off to our work together for the next 6 months. The retreat is a dynamic, synergistic experience allowing you the opportunity to step away from your commitments, connect with your fellow colleagues and get focused on the results you want for you and your business.



SIX Monthly Private Coaching Sessions with Michael

Each month youll receive a scheduled private 45 minute coaching session with me. For your convenience these sessions will be held on the phone. To get maximum value from each session Ill request that you prepare in advance using a coach session prep form. This will help us hone in and focus on the outcome that you want.




SIX Monthly Mastermind Calls
with Michael

Each month I'll lead ONE 90-minute Group Mastermind call where members receive coaching on a specific issue or goal. Youre guaranteed coaching on a rotating schedule so you know exactly when your Mastermind coaching spot is. Because of the small group size you are guaranteed a minimum of TWO coaching sessions within the Mastermind format (on the rotating schedule).

Plus, youll benefit from EACH Mastermind call because what others want coaching on is often what you want help with too! This is the power of the Mastermind, and believe me, these calls are phenomenal for motivating you forward out of overwhelm and into CONSISTENT action!



SIX Monthly Content Calls on
 Business Topics
with Michael

Specifically selected topics and content based on the needs of the
group will be presented in a monthly 75 minute group call

Business topics have included:

  • "Leveraging the power of effective communication"
  • "Creating credibility and celebrity in your business"
  • "The power of success"
  • "How to stop hiding your power"



Weekly Audio Coaching Message

Each week you will receive an audio message via email from Michael to consistently remind you to step into your strength."

These brief audios are designed to allow you to kick-start your week in a powerful way!


Weekly Accountability Tracking Form
(Completed by you & reviewed PERSONALLY by Michael)

Accountability is the key to achieving your goals!  This, 3 question tracking form, will arrive in your in-box each Friday.


Book, selected by Michael, mailed to you the first month

The book will serve as a focus and discussion tool for your particular goals. The book is chosen for their ability to support your desired outcomes.


This Real Estate Mastery Program Is ONLY Right for You If:

You're willing to TAKE ACTION even if it might feel scary at times (in an exciting way)

You are willing to be DECISIVE, seek (and speak) your truth and claim what you want

Youre willing and able to COMMIT 100% to your own growth, show up fully and ask for support

You're willing to TRY SOMETHING NEW and stretch beyond your current experience or knowledge

You have a DREAM that you are committed to achieving

You do NOT need to already have a clear idea of HOW to achieve what you want
thats what youll learn if youre accepted into the program!

Plus, you're protected and I'm assuming ALL of the risk with my
 "Make you happy" guarantee...

My Personal "Make You Happy" Guarantee!

It's really important to me that this coaching program resonates for you because if your heart's not in it, what's the point, right?

While I'm 100% confident you're going to love what you're going to learn, I want you to feel at ease making this decision. So, if you're not completely satisfied after the first 30 days, I'll refund your investment!

So Are You READY To Step Up, Play BIGGER and Significantly "Raise the

Bar" and Take Your Business to the Next Level?

  "Yes, I'm ready to excel and succeed!"

I understand with my investment, I'll receive the following:

  • An inperson Business Retreat
  • Six Monthly Private Coaching Sessions with Michael
  • Six Monthly Master Mind Calls with Michael
  • Six Monthly Content Calls with Michael on business topics
  • Weekly Audio Coaching Messages
  • Weekly Accountability Tracking Form (completed by you and reviewed PERSONALLY by Michael)

Plus I know I'm protected by your "Make Me Happy" Guarantee.

   Click here now to submit your application today!


You agree to pay according to the payment schedule you select if accepted into the program.

Commitment and Termination:

The Real Estate Mastery Program is a SIX MONTH commitment. If for any reason you choose not to continue, or stop participating, you will continue to be liable for the fees of this program.

Coaching is a powerful process and at times, you may feel up against a wall or as if something isnt working. This is often a perfect sign that you are releasing obstacles and limiting beliefs. My request is that any and all concerns regarding assignments and coaching be addressed with me so I can be the best coach to you I can be and assure the coaching relationship is in integrity. Workings together, we will make sure your needs are met.

I am passionate about YOU and YOUR success no matter what!  I am passionate about coaching you to be phenomenal in your life and business!

To your success,


Still Undecided?

Ask me any question about the Real Estate Mastery program and I'll help you decide if it's right for you. Click here to send an email now, with "question about Real Estate Mastery Program" in the subject and I will be in touch ASAP.

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