Strategic Planning Made Easy

A Private VIP Day Retreat 
for you and/or your team to build

a PHENOMENAL Strategic Plan for 2016

Welcome to the Strategic Plan VIP Day Retreat,

I designed this program for the High Achiever. For those who are committed to
Raising The Bar in how they work and do business.

You’ll see from what is included in this program that it is designed to deliver a high level of coaching, support and accountability so you can achieve huge success and reach all of your goals in 2016!

Why did I put this program together for you?

I’ve coached thousands of Business Owners, CEO’s and Executives over the last 15 years. And those who are incredibly successful year after year do one thing really well. They PLAN!

And those of you who know me know that I LOVE to plan!

So I was excited to create a retreat to help you design your Strategic Plan for 2016 in a way that is easy, relaxed, focused, and simple to follow.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult!

There are only 10 slots - Sign up today!

“Mike has been a terrific help with the expansion of my business as well as the execution of personal and business goals. Mike's insight has been absolutely invaluable and I believe any business of any size would benefit greatly from his service. Thanks Mike!”

 Chuck Mangold Jr.

In this “Strategic Planning VIP Day Retreat”, I’ll walk you through how to:

Discover what’s working well and what’s not in all areas of your business

Rediscover or create your vision, purpose and core values for your business

Set financial projections and meet them

Create a “scorecard” for accountability and measuring success

Identify the Key Strategic Initiatives to move your business forward in a powerful way

Stay focused with weekly, monthly, and 90 Day “check-ins”

Engage your team to support your vision

There are only 10 slots - Sign Up Today

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remaining spots available.

“Thank you Mike for all of your guidance over the years! Your wisdom has made a huge and positive difference in our organization and efficiency! I’ve even found a way to take time off; who knew?”

Susan Pearce Ditch

What will you receive in your “Strategic Planning VIP Retreat Package”?

One 60 minute prep meeting, virtual or face-to-face 
(depending on geographic location)

A full day, in-person Retreat for you and/or your team. This is a dynamic, synergistic experience to step away from your commitments, quiet your minds and get focused on the results that you want to realize in 2016!  

One 60 minute follow-up meeting, virtual or face-to-face to
review and discuss implementation of your customized strategic plan.


So, are you ready to have a PHENOMENAL business in 2016? We’re currently accepting applications now for our available slots. Once you complete the application we’ll be in touch to schedule a time to talk. We want to make sure this is a “good fit” for all.

Note: Completing the application DOES NOT commit you in any way to sign up for the program 

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“Working with Michael was an outstanding experience. After switching from a corporate position to becoming self-employed I was struggling with lack of focus and structure. Michael assisted me in goal writing, and prioritizing my activities. I found Michael to be very easy to talk to and eager to help me become successful.”

 Sheila Washburn

I am passionate about YOU and your BUSINESS!

To your HUGE success,

Business and Executive Coach
Halcyon Coaching

“Supporting Entrepreneurs and Executives to achieve
HUGE success through harmony in their lives and their work”