Preparing Yourself and Your Business for a Phenomenal Year 

Private VIP Day Retreat 

with Michael Linardi

Attention Business Owners:

I’m inviting you to powerfully invest in yourself, your life and your business.

Will this year be the year for you?

This is the time of the year when business owners begin reflecting and
planning for next year.

Are you ready to:

  • STREAMLINE your business
  • Make more MONEY
  • Get more CUSTOMERS
  • Achieve more WORK/LIFE BALANCE

If you answered YES to any of these questions…don’t head down the same path this year.


Prepare Yourself and Your Business for a Phenomenal Year 

A Private VIP Day Retreat

with Michael Linardi

Here’s why you need this:

You need to take a day, quiet your mind and get clear about where your business is now, what's working well and what isn't.

You need to decide how you want your life and your business
to be different this year.

You need to set realistic, yet “stretch” goals!

You’ll need a functional business plan to follow and keep you on track

You need to run your business NOT let your business run you!



Request an application below and 

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remaining spots available.

We’ll work together to pick three of the five modules to work on during our retreat.
The modules are based on the top five challenges that business owners face:

           Team, Money, Customers, Time and Planning/Goal Setting


How would it feel to have an incredible team who do their best work for you every day? I call it “Getting in the Boat”. As the business owner, you are the captain of the boat, you hold the vision. Everyone on your team needs to be in the boat, picking up an oar and rowing together to reach that vision!


Money is HUGE for business owners! How do we track it? How do we charge? How do we have money conversations with customers? How does money come in and out of the business? My goal is to get you to a place that I call “Freedom from Anxiety" around your money. The money comes in, goes into the appropriate buckets and all is abundant!


How do we get them? How do we keep them?  How do we exceed their expectations? Do you know who your ideal client is? Do you track how your clients find you? Learn the secrets to attracting great clients, giving them great value, and designing a referral thank you system to keep the referral engine going.


It’s not the time we have but how we chose to show up in that time! How do you effectively manage the daily workflow? How do you prioritize your tasks? Many allow the day to be created for them as opposed being intentional with their day. Learn to create your day for SUCCESS!


How do you know if you get there if you don’t know where you’re going?  Do you spend the day in survival mode? What would happen if you took the time to step back, quiet your mind and really get clear about your business plan, your goals and your vision for yourself and your business. How would it feel to break these down in to manageable 90 day goals?

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     VIP Day with Michael        


“Thank you Mike for all of your guidance over the years! Your wisdom has made a huge and positive difference in our organization and efficiency! I’ve even found a way to take time off; who knew?”

Susan Pearce Ditch

“Mike has been a terrific help with the expansion of my business as well as the execution of personal and business goals. Mike's insight has been absolutely invaluable and I believe any business of any size would benefit greatly from his service. Thanks Mike!”

 Chuck Mangold Jr.

“Working with Michael was an outstanding experience. After switching from a corporate position to becoming self-employed I was struggling with lack of focus and structure. Michael assisted me in goal writing, and prioritizing my activities. I found Michael to be very easy to talk to and eager to help me become successful.”

 Sheila Washburn

Business and Executive Coach
Halcyon Coaching

“Supporting Entrepreneurs and Executives to achieve
HUGE success through harmony in their lives and their work”